Freitag, 20. November 2009


Daul Kim departed. no more forking.

Nothingness. Emptiness. No sight. No sound. No life. Form without life. Leap from the wall. Life without you. I just can't seem to get a meaningful grasp. Dead end. Dead caligraph. Broken bone hands Or a fucking handle on the madness. Black adracula. No mans land. The grenade in the glovebox. The deep dark unfathomable unknowable. Lights off. Nowhere's ville. The rotting cartoon. Shite that makes a mockery of anything. No beginning. No good god. Meets the end of roads. We ever ever ever fucking try to do. Infinity colossal. Evades me insignificant. Escapes from me. Avoids light. You and me. Me and you. The gap between us.

poem by Damien Hirst read lurve magazine issue 2.

Mittwoch, 18. November 2009


Russian photographer Alexey Kiselef known for the editorials he did for Dazed&Confused, ID or Russion Vogue for instance does more than only sightly fashion photography. With his artwork he goes far behind the surface. He takes current symbolic codes from today's fashion and media discourse, twists them around in an ironical and satyrical sense and exposes its debauched, obscene and lubricous aspects.

This photo triffles with lots of codes:
Alexey evidently refers to Diesel's SS 08 "live fast" ad campaign showing a young and sexy women changing her baby's napkin while sprinting on high heels, the vaunted ideal of looking still more sexy in the fifties than in the twenties just like Madonna or Sharon Stone, and for sure the trend of adopting children  - and so many more...


so for all of you who have the chance to live in BERLIN, you definetely should go there:

Alexey Kiselev
Opening 13.11.2009, 19h
Lucas Carrieri Gallery
Torstr. 96, 10119 Berlin

all images by Alexey Kiselef:

and above all thanks to Mahret from f&art due to whom I discovered Alexey's artwork.

Freitag, 6. November 2009

The Wonderful issue

this is already my third post on Lara in one month: but she is just wonderful!

Lara Stone named "girl of the year" on the December Cover of British Vogue photographed by Mario Testino.

Lara Stone wears white tulle corset dress, Dior Haute Couture. Corsages, around waist, from a selection, Basia Zarzycka. All make-up by Dior. Hair: Sam McKnight. Make-up: Val Garland. Fashion editor: Lucinda Chambers

girlspower: lara & camilla

Lara Stone for ERES SS2010 Cruise Collection,
photography by Camilla Akrans
via: wwd

love Camilla Akran's pure aesthetics and Lara Stone's radiating sensuality!




Donnerstag, 5. November 2009

kings and queens.

Two years after his "retirement" Valentino Garavani is still on the top of the jet set. Bronzy as ever he was partying last night at the Standard Hotel in New York to promote the DVD release of  Matt Tyrnauer's fantastic documentary The Last Emperor which will be out in European cinemas next month.

image: via

What a contrast! the Queen of pop and her alabaster skin and a tannend King of couture dancing at the boom boom boom, even "too tanned" as his compagnon Giancarlo Giametti tells him in a fabulous scene in this absolutely fascinating movie, which is so funny and touching at the same time!

Matt Tyrnauer from the American Vanitiy Fair and his team accompanied Mr.Valentino Garavani for two years - his last two years - and give an absolutely stunning view on the life and work of this great Italian couturier and his glamorous life he built up in over 45 years with Giancarlo Giametti always at his side. Wow, that's just glamour at its best!

have a look at the trailer.

GQ Germany's model of the year 2009

Do you remember this provoking ad? and above all do you remember the guy this finger belongs to?

Yes, it's nobody else than Jon Kortajarena whom it belongs to and who was named "model of the year" 2009 by  Germany's GQ yesterday night in Munich.

One remembers him particulary from Tom Ford campaigns.

The provoking one shot by Terry Richardson for SS 2208,

 The SS 2009 campaign shot by Tom Ford himself,


and also this winter AW 09/10 ad campaign, also done by Tom Ford himself.



(I love especially this last photo for it's allusion to Yves Saint Laurent's famous naked pose from 1971)

And actually Tom Ford, too, has been awarded at the same event and named best fashion designer of the year...

all images:  Tom Ford

Mittwoch, 4. November 2009

fine art

by Victor Antonio.

discovered at linn & horst
images copyright Victor Antonio.

Montag, 2. November 2009

do I know me do you know you

I don't know what to think about all these questions people ask and other people respond to, you find them in all kind of magazines, for instance in the Americain Vanity Fair where at the back page you always have a "noteworthy person answering a series of personal questions".

I am always impressed what people know about themselves. Especially because the answers always seem to be given so spontaneously. Well, evidently, people think about first, but still, there are some questions about things I never thought about, but now I want to know about myself and about you.
It's kind of a game I once played with my big boss staying in Florence for a fashion show, we were assisting to a fitting and therefore didn't have much to do, so he started the game asking me about my 5 favorite films, then about my five favorite bands, then about my 5 favorite books; and actually I realised that these are quite banal things you might think about every day, but I couldn't answer immediately...

The most famous and legendary version of this game is for sure the "Proust questionnaire" named after Marcel Proust and his answers: he had discovered these questions as a young boy in a classmade's confession album called "album to record thoughts, feelings, etc." and aswered them more than once in his life to learn about himself.

Today I gonna start to write my own album and I will start this by answering the questions.

go ahead, let's play the game, and then maybe YOU becomes I:

Your favorite virtue.
Your favorite qualities in a man.
Your favorite qualities in a woman.
Your chief characteristic.
What you appreciate the most in your friends.
Your main fault.
Your favourite occupation.
Your idea of happiness.
Your idea of misery.
If not yourself, who would you be.
Where would you like to live.
Your favourite colour and flower.
Your favorite bird.
Your favourite prose authors.
Your favourite poets.
Your favourite heroes in fiction.
Your favourite heroines in fiction.
Your favourite painters and composers.
Your favourite heroes in real life.
Your favourite heroines in real life.
What characters in history do you most dislike.
Your heroines in World history.
Your favourite food and drink.
Your favourite names.
What I hate the most.
World history characters I hate the most.
The reform I admire the most.

out of time

You remember last time we were happy me and you in the train on our way home
fields passing by in the window the sun in your hair I tell you I'm not dreaming out of time and no grey men stealing our time.

Momo would appreciate those. no time-saving and no time-wasting. these are just timeless - allegories of timeless moments. WATCH OUT.

above: T1MEPEACE designed by Denise Julia Reytan

and Maison Martin Margiela's gold watch, also sold as a necklace.