Montag, 18. Januar 2010

happy family: about trust, tradition and other myths

about primary values: we all need to trust, to feel save and secure. there is nothing more traditional than the idea of the family being this place called home where ideally several generations share the same space, the same food and - the same clothes. It seems quite hard to still believe in this ideal, but in fashion we keep on dreaming, and so photographer Jürgen Teller seems to have found such an ideal and imanginary place. He presents us this primary myth with his SS 2010 campaign for Italian brand Missoni - starring grandparents Rosita and Tai having dinner with daughter Angela and grandchildren Magherita, Teresa, Francesco, Vittorio, Ottavio Junior, Marco and Giacomo.

Jürgen Teller for Missoni SS 2010, all images via wwd.

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Marina Vandel hat gesagt…

J'aime beaucoup les photos mais alors ils st vraiment ds le all-over chez les Missoni!